Engaging with Literature: A Workshop for Teachers, Grades 3-5

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This video workshop - part of the Envisioning Literature series based on the research of Dr. Judith Langer - shows grades 3-5 teachers how to guide students in becoming effective and engaged readers of literature. Nine 60-minute programs showcase teachers from across the country discussing and demonstrating the philosophy and techniques they employ. The workshop centers on the belief that students have the innate skill to make sense of information they discover in a text - if they are presented with the opportunity and expectation of doing so, and are generously scaffolded by their teachers as their story worlds evolve through reading, writing, and talking about literature. Individual programs deal with initiating and maintaining such a classroom community while dealing with numerous pragmatic issues, including high-stakes assessments and meeting the needs of students of many ability levels. A print guide and Web site supplement the videos, providing for a complete professional development workshop.

Producer:Annenberg Learner
Running Time:9 hours   (9 episodes)
Preview Episode:Foundations   (#101)