Learning Math: Numbers and Operations

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Learning Math: Number and Operations, a video- and Web-based course for elementary and middle school teachers examines the three main categories in the Number and Operations strand of Principles and Standards of School Mathematics (NCTM) - understanding numbers, representations, relationships, and number systems; the meanings of operations and relationships among those operations; and reasonable estimation and fluent computation. The course covers the real number system, place value, the behavior of zero and infinity, meanings and models of basic operations, percentages, and modeling operations with fractions, often with the aid of concrete, physical models that enhance understanding. It also examines Basic Number Theory topics, such as factors and multiples, as well as divisibility tests, at both practical and abstract levels. Accordingly, parts of the Number and Operations course may be more challenging than other Learning Math courses.

Producer:Annenberg Learner
Running Time:6 hours   (12 episodes)
Preview Episode:What Is a Number System?   (#101)