Learning Math: Geometry

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Learning Math: Geometry, a video- and Web-based course for elementary and middle school teachers, introduces geometric reasoning as a method for problem-solving. In this course, which is organized around the content standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), you will explore the properties of geometric figures; make constructions using pencil and paper, and also using dynamic software; and practice using mathematical language to express ideas and justify your reasoning. Some important geometric ideas, such as symmetry, similarity, and trigonometry, will also be examined. You will begin to explore the basis of formal mathematical proofs and solid geometry. The course material progresses from more visual, intuitive ways of solving problems to more formal explorations of geometric ideas, properties, and proofs.

Producer:Annenberg Learner
Running Time:8 hours   (12 episodes)
Preview Episode:What Is Geometry?   (#101)