Love: What Everyone Needs to Know

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According to psychologists, the single greatest predictor of happiness and success in life is a healthy love relationship. Yet, although we concede that knowledge is power, most of us have only a rudimentary understanding of what we're in for when we go off in search of true love. LOVE demystifies this all-important predictor of happiness, defining the nature of true love and outlining the commitment it takes to keep it alive. The course is taught by two distinguished doctors: Dr. Pat Love, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and relationship consultant, and Dr. Jon Carlson, a university professor and Psychologist. Both instructors are practicing clinicians and have authored books and articles that have attracted national recognition. They challenge students to confront assumptions on the nature of love and to critically analyze the ideals perpetuated by popular culture in order to realize the wisdom it takes to find lasting love.

Producer:Governors State
Running Time:23 hours   (23 episodes)
Preview Episode:Introduction: Love - What Everyone Needs to Know   (#101)