Discovering Psychology

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Highlighting major new developments in the field, Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition offers a current overview of new areas of inquiry by the field's leading researchers. This new edition continues to challenge and motivate students, helping them to develop an understanding of the variety of approaches to the study of human nature, while encouraging curiosity and critical thinking. Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition enables students, as well as general viewers, to learn psychology's history, observe psychology in action, and better understand its relevance to their own lives. Beginning with the foundations and progressing to more complex extensions and applications, this course integrates historical and current perspectives with emerging theories, paradigms, and significant new research methodologies. Hosted by Philip G. Zimbardo, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, the programs include demonstrations, classic experiments and simulations, current research, documentary footage, and computer animation - all based on extensive investigation and superior scholarship.

Producer:Annenberg Learner
Running Time:13 hours   (26 episodes)
Preview Episode:Past, Present, and Promise   (#101)